Our primary goal is to help our clients generate more revenue from their presence on the Internet. We use our digital marketing strategies and create custom service packages for each of our clients. No two business are alike: companies’ have different online goals either due to the amount of revenue they generate or the age of the company or their location. There are lots of variables so we make sure to implement the services you need to get your business the revenue you desire. We will mix and match the services you see described below and create the best digital marketing platform for your business.


Most consumers do some research online before making a buying decision and choosing a service provider or vendor.  Proper search engine optimization (SEO) makes sure that your business is found where your potential customers are looking for information. Google is the most popular search engine but there are other search engines that people use like Bing and Yahoo.  Our search engine strategies make sure you are at the top of the search results for the keywords you desire, ahead of your competition.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

The major search engines, and many other smaller providers, offer the opportunity to run paid ads on their networks. They use a bidding procedure to determine the ads that appear for certain keywords and the location on the page. You may notice while browsing in Google there is a section of ads along the top and down the right side of the page.  These sections are where PPC advertisers compete to get their ads displayed.

We manage PPC advertising for small and large companies. We optimize the ad campaigns to get the best ROI on your ad spend. A well run PPC campaign can provide quick exposure for your company and generate revenue quicker than organic search strategies. The payoff can be significant due to bringing in direct, qualified leads for your business.


Social Media Marketing

According to some reports there are over 2 Billion active social media accounts. Therefore it makes sense to maintain a presence on the major social outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Businesses of all sizes can generate a large following via social media but if neglected that following may be lost out to your competitors. Social networks are large hubs of daily news and trends that can’t be ignored in today’s world. We implement proper social media strategies where you can expect higher levels of customer loyalty and retention and generate more website traffic.


Local Directory Listings

Many of our clients operate local or regional businesses. There are local directories that provide information about companies by geographical area or by genre. There are also national directories that provide information by city, town or state. These directories often provide information on companies such as hours of operation, location, website, contact information as well as any videos or photographs a company chooses to share. It’s important that the information in a company’s directory listings are consistent as this helps with the overall SEO for that company.

We make sure your directory listings are an asset to your overall online presence. Your listings will be optimized similarly to how a website benefits from proper search engine optimization. Good directory listings often show up in the search engine results and help to deliver more traffic to your website. Search engines also view the larger directory services as powerful domains and rank them highly in the search results.

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